Dr. Jason Ohler

An international leader in educational technology for over 30 years, Dr. Jason Ohler is also a celebrated keynote speaker in the areas of digital literacy, citizenship, internet safety, new media, and the future of technology. Dr. Jason Ohler is a professor emeritus, speaker, writer, teacher and cyber researcher. He is also a futurist and lifelong digital humanist who is well known for the passion, insight, and humor he brings to his presentations, projects and publications. Three decades ago at the University of Alaska Jason Ohler helped create one of the first educational technology programs in the U.S. devoted to teacher and student empowerment, and has been involved in the world of digital learning ever since. He has worked both online and in classrooms at home and internationally during this time, helping students develop the new media literacies they need to be successful in the digital age. Dr. Jason Ohler was a pioneer in the “blended learning” movement, helping to craft individualized educational solutions using distributed learning technology. He is a passionate promoter of “Art the Next R” and of combining innovation, creativity and digital know-how to help reinvent teaching and learning. He is also an enthusiastic champion of the need for students to learn how to use technology wisely and safely, with awareness and compassion, so they can become informed and productive citizens in a global digital society.

Jason has appeared on many radio stations, including ABC, CBS and Clear Channel affiliates, as a special commentator for issues related to people and technology. Commentaries are sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always original.

Dr. Jason Ohler has won numerous awards for his work and is author of many books, articles, and online resources. He has been contributing cutting edge perspective about digital learning for leading journals and magazines for many years. The following are four articles from Educational Leadership (most articles have been translate into Spanish:

– Character Education for the Digital Age-Should we teach our kids to have two lives or one?: How to help students navigate cyberspace not only effectively and creatively, but also wisely and responsibly.
– Literacy 2.0-Orchestrating the Media Collage: How digital learning changes the nature of literacy, shifting from text-centrism to new media collage.
– The World of Digital Storytelling: How teachers and students can tell learning stories using the tools of new media narrative.
– Art Becomes the 4th R: Why art has become the next literacy in a visual culture.

Dr. Ohler continues to be a regular contributor to Educational Technology magazine, providing insight about the “3Ds”: digital literacy, digital storytelling, and digital citizenship. His current book, Digital Community, Digital Citizen, explores the issues of helping our students blend their digital and non-digital lives into one integrated approach to living. His previous book, Digital Storytelling in the Classroom – a Corwin Press Best Seller – reminds us that he is first and foremost a storyteller, telling tales of the future that are grounded in the past.

Dr. Ohler appears on many blog sites as a regular featured writer, including:
– The Committed Sardine – Sponsored by the 21st Century Fluency Project
– OnPoint – Sponsored by Moodle
– Educational Technology & Change – sponsored by Bonnie Bracey and ETC
– New Media Literacies Project – Sponsored by the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

“The goal is the effective, creative, and wise use of technology . . . to bring together technology, community, and learning in ways that work. And while we are at it, to have fun.”

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