Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm

Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm is an internationally-known teacher,author, and presenter. A classroom teacher for fifteen years, Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm is currently Professor of English Education. He works in local schools as part of the Professional Development Site Network, and teaches middle and high school students each spring.

Jeffrey Wilhelm is the founding director of the Maine Writing Project and the Boise State Writing Project. Last year the Boise State Writing Project reached over 1000 different teachers through the delivery of nearly 30,000 contact hours of professional development support.

Jeff has authored or co-authored over 200 articles, 30 chapters and 20 books about literacy and literacy teaching. He has won the two top research awards in English Education: the NCTE Promising Research Award for “You Gotta BE the Book” (TC Press) and the Russell Award for Distinguished Research for “Reading Don’t Fix No Chevys” (Heinemann). Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm has worked on numerous materials and software programs for students and has edited a series of 100 books for reluctant readers entitled The Ten. He enjoys speaking, presenting, working with students and schools.