Dr. Joseph MacInnis

Dr. Joseph MacInnis is a physician-scientist, author and deep-sea explorer. He has led over 30 expeditions into the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans and written several books about undersea exploration.

His work has earned him a number of distinctions, including his country’s highest honor, the Order of Canada.

In the 1960s, Dr. Joseph MacInnis was the medical director of the American Man-in-Sea program and worked on the U. S. Navy’s Sea Lab project. In the 1970s and 80s he led the teams that made the first scientific dives under the North Pole and discovered the world’s northernmost known shipwreck- HMS Breadalbane—under the ice of the Northwest Passage.

Dr. Joseph MacInnis was an advisor to the Titanic discovery team and co-leader of a $5-million expedition to film Titanic in the giant-screen Imax format. It was this expedition that inspired James Cameron’s Academy Award winning movie. Dr. Joseph MacInnis is currently working with Cameron on a series of deep-sea documentary films.

He has written articles for Scientific American, National Geographic and Wired. His book, published by National Geographic Books, is the companion volume to Cameron’s 3-D Imax film Aliens of the Deep.

Since 1985, Dr. Joseph MacInnis has made hundreds presentations to Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, General Motors and Microsoft. In his speeches, he shares the values including courage, communication and teamwork that enhance performance under the ocean and in the corporate world.

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