Dr. Mark Therrien

Mark Therrien helps people take better care of themselves and helps organizations take better care of their customers. In this hurried world, it is essential to our sanity and productivity that we stay connected to our laughter and joy. Mark helps people create joyful workplaces where people “want” to be rather than “have” to be.

Mark Therrien has been teaching people skills since 1975, when he taught rapport-building skills to physicians at the University of Hawaii so they could get better medical histories and improved patient compliance. It worked so well that the Journal of Medical Education published his research. Since then, he has taught thousands of people in corporations, healthcare, and education systems, because no matter what our job, we all need to build rapport with the people we work with. Mark Therrien helps people engage their hearts as well as their heads to provide outstanding, memorable customer service.

Mark Therrien‘s background in psychology and social work make him uniquely qualified as a presenter. When living in Hawaii, in addition to teaching he was in a private psychotherapy practice and on a face to face suicide intervention team. It was during the latter that Mark learned the importance of laughter in good mental health. He has been published in such journals as Psychiatry and Surgical Services Management.

Mark Therrien will keep your audience laughing as he illustrates how important a lighthearted attitude is for successful living and relationships. Therrien works with clients in all fields, as “how we treat people” is important to all groups. He has been a member of the National Speaker’s Association since 1986.

In his spare time, Mark Therrien is the perfect husband, the father of three perfect children, an avid XC skier and cyclist, and a mentor at his local school (Well. OK, so the first two are a stretch, three out of five isn’t bad!).