Dr. Michael Treacy

Growth & Innovation Expert, Business Strategist, Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author

Michael Treacy helps business leaders raise their growth ambitions by providing a fresh look at competition, customers, employees and markets – especially the globalizing marketplace. “Companies that have the discipline to focus and the vision to lean into the future, even in unpredictable times, will gain scale, scope and power,” says Treacy, “Those who don’t are at risk.” The author of two bestselling books, The Discipline of Market Leaders and Double-Digit Growth, Treacy draws on a broad and deep set of ideas that he has used to help the world’s most respected brands innovate their way to steady, fast and profitable growth. Drawing on over 30 years’ experience as a researcher, adviser,entrepreneur and investor, Treacy dials in his message to the one company, one association, or one group he is addressing. In recent years he has focused his efforts on launching new ventures that apply the game-changing strategies he’s developed in a range of different industries. The experience has provided first hand war stories and deepened his practical perspective. A former professor of management at the Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michael Treacy continues to publish numerous articles in magazines and journals including the Harvard Business Review.