Dr. Peter Alsop

Peter Alsop is a nationally known singer-songwriter, educator and humorist with a Ph.D. in educational psychology. Each year he presents to thousands of teachers, parents, and human service professionals. Peter Alsop invites adults to explore deep human issues through the doorway he creates with his joyfully humorous children’s songs. His presentations are participatory, and audiences report they have such a good time, they do not notice until later how much it impacted them. Peter‘s presentations are always memorable events, weaving together song, insightful and useful commentary, and hearty laughter.

Peter Alsop received his B.A. from Trinity College and did his doctoral work at Columbia University’s Teachers’ College in New York City, and Columbia Pacific University in California. He has worked as Director of The Harbor Schools Residential Treatment Center for emotionally disturbed adolescents in Maine and as a New York City elementary school teacher in the South Bronx ghetto. His songs are used daily by thousands of parents, educators and human service professionals to help families discuss sensitive issues.

Peter Alsop has produced and recorded 13 solo recordings and seven video tapes. Each of his eight family albums has won Best Children’s awards from the prestigious Parents’ Choice Organization and/or the Association for Independent Music. Peter‘s songs have been included on numerous anthology records, and in movies and television programs. Two of his videos have won national awards. One of them, Wake Up, helps families prevent child abuse and abduction.

Peter Alsop has acted on stage and in television and feature films. He has also written, produced and directed his own feature film, After Romeo. He has performed extensively at conferences, festivals and concerts worldwide, with a wide range of well-known personalities, including Steve Allen, Sid Cesar, Jay Leno, Randy Newman, Kenny Loggins, Pete Seeger and Victor Borge.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Peter Alsop resides with his wife and two daughters.

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