Dr. Rudy Kachmann

*Dr. Rudy Kachmann is a neurosurgeon who has practiced medicine for over 40 years. A long-time resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana he remains an active member in the community.

Dr. Rudy Kachmann is on the Board of Directors of Day Break Children’s Shelter, a donor for the Boys and Girls Club, the Founder of the Kachmann Behavioral Foundation, and a member of the Tennis Hall of Fame. Dr. Kachmann‘s generous philanthropic endeavors also include support of the Unity Youth Choir and countless free medical procedures for families in need. Dr. Rudy Kachmann is the recipient of the Martin Luther King award and meets with young people regularly to discuss the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. Along with providing funds to individuals requiring assistance for continuing education, Dr. Rudy Kachmann is the primary donor of funds for Lutheran HospitalВ’s Kachmann Auditorium.

In a career that spans nearly half a century, Dr. Rudy Kachmann has observed and noted many characteristics, qualities, and attitudes that are essential for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life. As a physician, he has witnessed firsthand, the devastating consequences of unhealthy choices involving violence, substance abuse, risk taking behavior, and even laziness.

Dr. Rudy Kachmann has formulated these observations into the Twenty Prescriptions for Living the Good Life. These prescriptions can be found in the homes and offices of judges, lawyers, doctors, teachers and people from all walks of life. At the age when many look forward to a quiet and serene retirement, Dr. Rudy Kachmann is actively dedicating himself to affecting positive change in families, communities and cultures through this message of empowerment and success.

The Kachmann Mind Body Institute, an educational curriculum for teaching the Twenty Prescriptions for Living the Good Life, has been developed to be taught in classrooms across America.