Dr. Sally Downham Miller

Retired school principal, Sally Downham Miller, Ph.D. is devoting full attention now to her passion, helping people through life changing loss. Her book, Mourning and Dancing, HCI, 1999, has been in print for 21 years (Amazon), and her new book on teaching others to lead grief support groups will be released May 1, 2021 The focus of her speeches, workshops and support groups is a unique blend of acknowledging the powerful effects of life changing loss and positive strategies for healing, developing skills in resilience and building “new normals.”

Dr. Miller’s blends stories of her experiences working in schools, organizations and families when losses have occurred, with strategies for helping people cope. She spent 9 months working in the suburban schools around NYC after 9/11 and ran workshops to educate school nurses and counselors in doing this work. Today her speeches, monthly support groups, lectures at Purdue’s School of Nursing and are filled with insights, learning and compassion that she brings to her audiences.

Sally’s comfortable, personal manner, combined with an insider’s sense of humor, makes her more than just the “grief speaker.” She writes like she speaks and speaks like she writes, making both readers and audiences feel like they know and trust her.

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