Dr. Will Miller

Dr. Will Miller has earned the reputation as an extraordinary keynote speaker. He is a recognized expert in the area of stress & coping, interpersonal relationships, organizational health, wellness and workplace culture. A therapist and teacher at Purdue University, he lectures at the schools of Organizational Leadership, Management and Mass Communication on the social environment of the workplace and the impact on productivity.

Dr. Will Miller is one of the country’s leading authorities on stress reduction and life balance. Your audience will take away a solid message about what gets in the way of living a life of personal and career well being. Unlike standard, simplistic motivational speeches that feel good in the moment, Will’s content is grounded in solid psychological and sociological science and research.

Dr. Will Miller is uniquely qualified to impact your group. It’s no surprise with his five graduate degrees and years of experience as a therapist, counselor and author. If that were not enough, Will spent 16 years as a top headline comedian in New York City. He has toured the country extensively as an entertainer and has appeared on countless standup comedy programs. He was the on-air spokesman for the Nick-At-Nite television network and hosted the NBC Daytime program The Other Side .

For the past 12 years Will has appeared before thousands of people at hundreds of events in the U.S. and Europe, offering a compelling and entertaining keynote for this country’s top corporations and national organizations. The response has been outstanding.

Your group’s needs and meeting themes are important. Dr. Will Miller can easily tailor his presentation to meet these needs and empower those themes. In addition to his renowned keynote address, he excels at workshop and seminar settings as well. And with his extensive entertainment background Will is one of the best event hosts and emcees in the business, balancing spontaneous humor with respect for your organization.

Dr. Will Miller received his Doctorate in Urban Education and Urban Studies from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. His Masters’ Degree in Education along the way was focused on special education in urban schools. His first position after graduation was with the Massachusetts State Department of Education as a regional director of Title I Funding for schools in Western Massachusetts. After two years he took a position with a federally funded state program called ‘Project Prod’ helping regional high schools include special education students enroll in mainstream, vocational education programs. He was there two years before leaving to move to New York and start his comedy career.

While performing professionally in New York he received a Masters’ Degree in Theology (M.Div) from Union Theological Seminary – Columbia University in New York. And then a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University and a Masters’ Degree in Health Psychology from Walden University.


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