Drum Cafe

The Drum Cafe is a unique, hands-on approach (literally) to teambuilding, learning, and motivation that, simply put, draws the parallels between what it takes to make music and how that relates to working together in an organization, community, village, or “tribe” to achieve a unified goal! It’s a program that is experienced and felt. A musical background is not required as the transformation that occurs between the music as being ‘wrong’ and the music as being ‘right’ is easily understood by everyone despite his or her musical sensibilities. And because music is a universal language, it transcends those barriers, traditional or otherwise, that tend to come between us professionally as well as personally.

Rhythm is within all of us as a basic universal language that everyone understands, allowing dialogue among us at the most basic creative level. It is a natural aspect of the human experience. It is our heartbeat, it’s in our
walk, our eating and sleeping patterns; the inhale/exhale of our breathing, the changing of the seasons, as well as the day and the night. Drumming gives us a chance to express our own individual rhythm. In any rhythm event of ours, like-minded individuals come together and merge their rhythmical experience into one musical expression or “group vision.” The unity of that group and the relationship with itself is manifested by the quality of the sound/music produced, regardless of the group’s individual rhythmic or musical ability. It is an interactive event – each individual is not a spectator, but a performer who is involved at the same level as his/her colleague, enforcing a cooperative, non-competitive relationship amongst the group. Organizational charts are vertical or hierarchical, while drumming circles are ‘flat.’

The process of creating music, like business, has to be understood by everyone to succeed. Nothing brings to life the key elements of effective communication and teamwork, as does a group of people attempting to create music together. Whether they know each other or not, whether they think they ‘have rhythm’ or not, the most important elements of communication and teamwork are emphasized and drawn out during our programs. When you play together at a Drum Cafe event, you make music, and to make discernible music you have to be sensitive to what those next to you are doing. In this way drumming helps create a rhythm that bonds and builds a team. When communication ‘happens,’ you know it and it feels right. When it’s not happening, that too is apparent. Each member recognizes his/her own importance. It lets them find that their input, no matter how small, can make a marked difference to the success of the whole. In this way, everyone is valued for his or her diversity and uniqueness. At the same time, when everyone is drumming together in unison, it is clear that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The effect of the drumming, among other things, is a synchronization of energy, unity, and common vision/purpose. When you hear the rhythm of a group drumming and contribute your own beat, you are listening and playing. receptive and creative at the same time. The Drum Cafe has done nearly 5,000 events in 19 countries over the past 10 years, and today, we bring this powerful method to Corporate America.