Edie Holcomb

Edie L. Holcomb is highly regarded for her ability to link research and practice on issues related to school leadership, improvement, and reform. She holds a BS in elementary education, an MS in gifted education, and EdS in educational administration. Edie L. Holcomb received her PhD in educational leadership from the University of Minnesota and won AASA’s research award for Outstanding Educational Leadership Dissertation.

Holcomb’s classroom experience includes teaching at all grade levels with heterogeneous classes, inclusion of students with multiple disabilities, and coordination of services for gifted and talented students. Her building-level administrative experience was acquired in settings ranging from affluent suburban to school-wide Title I with racial/ethnic diversity and English Language Learners.

At the university level, Edie L. Holcomb served as Associate Director of the University of Wisconsin’s National Center for Effective Schools, developing School-Based Instructional Leadership, a training program for site-based teams. As Associate Professor of Educational Administration at Wichita State University in Kansas, Holcomb coordinated the principalship course an internship’s and taught applied inquiry in the field-based doctoral program.

Holcomb’s central office experience occurred in districts ranging from 3,000 to 47,000 students. She is familiar with the challenges of urban education, having served as Director of Standards and Assessment and later as supervisor of 21 schools in the Seattle, Washington School District. Edie Holcomb received the Excellence in Staff Development Award from Iowa state Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Edie L. Holcomb has provided technical assistance for implementation of school improvement efforts throughout the United States and in Canada, Guam, St. Lucia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. She helped develop Washington State’s School System Improvement Resource Guide, and worked with the Ohio Department of Education on its plans for technical assistance and support for districts and schools identified for improvement under No Child Left Behind. Edie L. Holcomb has been a faculty member of New Leaders for New Schools, a non-profit organization committed to attracting, preparing and supporting principals to lead challenging schools in our major cities.

Holcomb continues to assist schools and districts, consulting and coaching to increase student achievement, develop cultures and processes for professional learning, strengthen authentic student engagement, and design and conduct program evaluation – all with an emphasis on appropriate use of multiple sources of data.