Elisa Hays

“Sometimes life hits you like a truck… sometimes there’s an actual truck.” ™️

For 15 years, Elisa Hays, CSP, served as the Founder and Chief Daydreamer of an award-winning entertainment company that helped over 30,000 children a year strengthen confidence in the value of their creativity. She also invented and has international patents pending for Sudsy’s Barn™️, the world’s only play-based hand-washing system. Her company presented at fairs, festivals, arenas, and concert venues across North America and halfway around the globe. In her own words she, “served on boards, won awards, and drove big Fords!” Until her really bad day.

In 2014, after jackknifing a truck and trailer on a two-lane Oklahoma highway during an ice-storm and safely evacuating two of her staff in the face of oncoming traffic, an eighteen-wheeler semi-truck cruising at sixty-five miles-per-hour hit Elisa’s body…outside of a vehicle. It took seven hospitals in four states spanning the continent, and her brother’s kidney, in order to survive her catastrophic injuries. Learning to go on living took a little more. Meanwhile, as she battled massive internal injuries, crushed bones, sepsis, and a traumatic brain injury, her business continued to operate without the captain on deck.

Married for twenty-seven years, Elisa is mom to three kids and one dog. Together they have risen above the trauma of their experiences while Elisa has dedicated her life to helping others thrive amidst disabling circumstances. She speaks at conferences internationally and consults with organizations on empathy-fueled leadership, resilience, and inclusion. Whenever possible, she volunteers to visit with others coping with critical injuries and illnesses. As a Certified Speaking Professional, Certified ADA Coordinator, and 30-year professional entertainer, Elisa educates and inspires audiences with unforgettable storytelling and humor. After hearing her profound lessons, audiences come away with a transformative experience of a lifetime, but without all the messy bother of actually getting hit by a truck.

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