Erica Miller

Dr. Miller is an entrepreneur, international best-selling author, inspirational speaker, mental health professional with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and Holocaust survivor. In each of her books, The Dr. Erica Miller Story: From Trauma to Triumph, Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It and her most recent, Chronologically Gifted: Aging with Gusto, she inspires people with her charisma, enthusiasm for life, and her belief in what’s possible.

Dr. Miller is 88 years old and has more energy than people half her age… this despite the horrors, cruelty, hardship and degradation she experienced as a child during WWII. Rather than living her life as a victim, she developed the ability to face and overcome obstacles that would daunt most of us. She is the ideal spokesperson for audiences who seek encouragement and positive psychology.

Dr. Miller’s customizes her presentations to meet the goals and needs of the organizations with whom she works. Whether for fundraising events, conferences, webinars or other virtual live presentations, she is comfortable as a keynote speaker or member of a panel. Her passion for life and her undeniable spark blend seamlessly with the wisdom she’s gained throughout her life. When she addresses audiences of all ages, the outcome is a truly unforgettable encounter, full of life lessons and experiences of authentic and captivating accounts of her life filled with “Guts, Grit and Gusto.”

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