Funkadesi is a dynamic ensemble of musicians that integrate East Indian music (Hindi film, folk, and classical) with reggae, funk, and Afro Carribean grooves. This award winning band has received critical acclaim from mainstream press in Toronto, London, New York, and Chicago. Funkadesi has also recently been featured in respected media in the Indian community.

The band members’ cultural backgrounds are as diverse as their music, including Indian American, Jamaican, African American, European American, and Latino heritages. The excitement that Funkadesi creates has captured the attention of a rapidly growing multicultural fan base, both in the greater Chicago area and across North America. The diverse repertoire of the band enables them to headline in settings as diverse as mainstream Chicago and New York dance nightclubs, university concerts, specialized cultural concerts, and private parties.

In addition to the recent national release of Funkadesi‘s full-length debut CD, Uncut Roots, the band has released a self titled EP on compact disc, and is featured on a compilation of the best of Chicago music, entitled Chicago Rapid Transit Grooves by NoVo Records.
Funkadesi also offers other performance ensembles, including various interactive workshops combining music, dance, and cultural expression. The members of Funkadesi are multi faceted musical and cultural educators.