Gary Willner

What do you do when you like to sing, do impressions, and play with dolls all at the same time? No, you don’t check yourself into an institution–you do a night club act!

Gary Willner takes an old art form and gives it a new twist–ventriloquism done like you’ve never seen it before.

Gary Willner first became interested in show business at the age of five, watching Paul Willner make his living as a singer throughout the seventies and eighties working with America’s greatest big bands, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, The Sammy Kaye Band and The Glen Miller Orchestra.

While performing songs of his idol, Frank Sinatra, Gary Willner decided to put a solo act together using his talents as a ventriloquist, impressionist, and singer. He also had the unique idea of using life-size puppets in the act. To give it a remarkable new slant, he did the impressions without moving his lips.

Gary Willner received a standing ovation on his very first show with his life-size Frank Sinatra puppet. Soon after he added Nat “King” Cole and Elvis to his repertoire.
Who knows who will be the next star in Willner’s show? The next time someone asks, “What’s a Ventro-Impressionist” you’ll know just what to tell them!