General (Retired) B. B. Bell

General B. B. Bell retired from the U.S. Army in 2008 following a thirty-nine year career.

General B. B. Bell served fifteen years deployed overseas in both peace and war. As a two star general, he commanded the Army’s Armor Center at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, and later, as a three star general, he led the Army’s Third Corps, headquartered at Ft. Hood, Texas. As a four star general, he commanded the U.S. Army in Europe, as well as NATO’s Land Component Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. Subsequently General Bell served as the Commander of US Forces in Korea, as well as commander of all Allied forces in Korea.

General B. B. Bell is a veteran of the Iraq Desert Storm Campaign where he served as General Schwarzkopf’s Executive Officer, as well as the Balkans Campaigns in southern Europe. He trained and deployed thousands of NATO and Army troops to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

General B. B. Bell is a lifetime member of the New York based Council on Foreign Relations, has a master’s degree from the University of Southern California, and holds two honorary doctorate degrees. General B. B. Bell is currently a consultant for the Department of Defense.

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