George Walther

When it comes to seizing adventure and fully living life, George Walther “Walks His Talk.” Descended from famous American cannibals (really), he made his 13th trip around the world at age 25, and has gone on to vagabond his way through 99 countries. At the peak of a thriving career as a business authority with books and training programs published around the world, George Walther declared a decade-long hiatus to pursue a higher-priority: single-handedly raising his now-teenaged daughter.

Organizations that rely on creative-thinking, problem-solving teams, including Microsoft, FedEx, and Starbucks, turn to George for a perfect balance solid business experience and riveting entertainment. He brings his truly extraordinary life experiences, his gift for captivating communication, and his breadth of business background to our platform. The result is a hilarious, quirky, passionate and profoundly motivating presentation that will leave you determined to make the most of your own life.

George Walther is an acknowledged expert at boosting your communication effectiveness. In addition to What Are We Waiting For, George Walther also presents to people who manage, sell, collect past-due accounts, negotiate, serve customers, and seek to project a more positive image. In fact, they regard his PHONE POWER book, seminars, and audio/video tapes as classic guides. George Walther‘s second book, POWER TALKING, shows people in every walk of life how to be more positive and persuasive, in every conversation. UPSIDE-DOWN MARKETING, his newest book and speaking topic, focuses on maximizing profit leverage opportunities.

George Walther is one of fewer than 100 professional speakers to hold the National Speakers Association’s highest award for platform excellence, the “CPAE,” as well as the highest professional speaking designation, the “CSP.” He earned an MBA in Marketing from UCLA, and a Bachelor’s degree in Speech. George Walther‘s work is published around the world by Putnam, McGraw-Hill, Simon & Schuster, Nightingale-Conant, and Berkley Books, with many foreign language editions.