Gerry Brooks

Gerry Brooks has been an educator for 25 years, beginning as a third-grade teacher in Palm Bay, FL. He spent six years with students in the classroom, then two years as an intervention specialist, and 12 as an administrator in the school system. He earned his Masters’ Degree in administration and most recently worked as an elementary principal for 15 years before taking on public speaking full-time. 

In 2016, while he was working as a principal in Kentucky, he went viral for his hilarious videos on YouTube that made his staff, and people around the world, laugh with real-world educational experiences. He regularly posts across social media, capturing the attention of 1 million followers on TikTok where he makes users laugh, keeps them informed on the teacher workspace, and speaks up for students and teachers through personal experiences and advice. He currently has over 4 million followers across his social media platforms. 

Now, as a national speaker, he encourages teachers not only through his social media platforms, but at supportive speaking events, entertaining K-12 teachers, administrators, and parents. He strives to improve instructional abilities by discussing how to create a positive and successful working environment as an administrator, even when kids throw tempers and lesson plans don’t go as planned. He covers a spectrum of subjects during his speaking events while delivering his presentations including: ‘Personal Climate and Culture’ and ‘Dealing with Parents, Students and Colleagues’. He is a voice and a comedic space for teachers, but his passion is leading others to be responsible for their climate and culture in the workplace. 

His book, “Go See the Principal,” outlines strategies for taking on this responsibility. Gerry and his wife, Kelly, have 3 adult children and live in Lexington, KY.

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