Gross National Product

Gross National Product started as a TV project in 1982, which played in the Washington, D.C. area at clubs and theaters. By the end of 1982, Gross National Product opened its Reagan-meets-Dickens classic, “A Bonzo Christmas Carol”, simultaneously in DC AND New York Off Broadway. For the following year GNP had troupes in both NY and DC, but by early 1984 the group consolidated to its NY base, with frequent return engagements in Washington with shows like “The Right Fluff” and “Terms of Endorsement.” In New York GNP appeared at the famous Improv, the Duplex, Caroline’s, and the 78th Theatre Lab. A year later Gross National Product found itself in Los Angeles for a few years performing at the Comedy Store and the Cast Theater and returned to Washington where GNP’s released “Man Without a Contra” in both D.C. and L.A. While in Washington Gross National Product picked up steam and became a mainstay at Washington’s largest club, the Bayou and then later Arena Stage’s Old Vat Room. Now Gross National Product appears nationally in different cities.

For the most part their shows were written by John Simmons, Christine Thompson, Joel Perry and John Moody with Doug Cox who are Groundlings alums. GNP’s company of actors has changed over the years with revues such as:

1981 “A Bonzo Christmas Carol”
1982 “Gross National Product
1983 “1983 and Counting”
1984 “Terms of Endorsement”
1985 “Phantom of the White House”
1987 “Man without a Contra”
1988 “BushCapades”
1992 “Clintoons”
1994 “A Newt World Order”
1996 “GNP: On the Dole”
1997 “Sex, Lies and Zippergate”
1999 “All the President’s Women”
2000 “Gore More Years”
2001 “Son of a Bush”
2004 “Kerry the Vote”
2005 “To Bush or not to Bush”
2006-07 “Son of A Bush (or Hill to the Chief)”
2010 “Don’t Tea On Me”
2011 “The Sound of Palin”
2011 “State of DisUnion”

Gross National Product has performed in 45 states for one night appearances and has presented its revues for longer runs in New York (Off Broadway), Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Washington DC, which is of course the Nation’s Capital-what better place for the Gross NATIONAL Product?

Gross National Product has appeared privately for a wide variety of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to associations and charitable organizations.

Fodor’s Travel guide and Frommer’s have given Gross National Product a pick for comedy for incoming tourists.