Hannah Ubl

Hannah Ubl is a speaker, writer, researcher, consultant and generational expert and is firmly established in the public speaking scene as a powerful voice for her generation. Hannah uses a healthy blend of stories and statistics to help people gain a deeper understanding of one another. Her research has unearthed valuable tips and actionable solutions for multi-generational workplaces, and key strategies for marketing and reaching more generationally diverse client bases.

A well-rounded generational expert, Hannah is especially knowledgeable about generations as they relate to healthcare, aging, and finance. But Hannah doesn’t draw the line there. She has delivered her dynamic presentations in companies such as Cisco Systems, Ralph Lauren, BlueCross BlueShield, and Securian.

Hannah is driven by the “a-ha” moments during speeches when audience members who at first seemed reticent can be seen smiling and nodding in recognition and appreciation during presentations.

Hannah’s no stranger to nicknames, and the one that stuck? Research Hound. She’s constantly digging up cutting-edge articles on the generation topic and sharing them on social media. Hannah heads up BridgeWorks’ social media efforts and heavily involved in researching generational differences on a global scale in countries such as Brazil, India, China, and Russia. She is also the research lead on a key research initiative, looking at the generation after Millennials, Generation Edge.

Hannah lives and works in Minneapolis. She graduated from Boston University where she studied advertising and environmental science. A weird combination? Absolutely. But that’s who she is – a unique blend of technical, communication (and generational) knowledge. In her spare time, she can be found coaching for the Lakeville North High School speech team, reading in her favorite haunt or persuading her friends to join her at “After Dark” – the adult night at the Science Museum.