Holly Mandel

Holly Mandel has a unique blend of skills, experience and passions. She is an alum of LA’s famed GROUNDLINGS THEATER, having performed, taught and directed as part of the preeminent improvisation institution along side some of the biggest names in entertainment: Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Coolidge, Maya Rudolph, and Lisa Kudrow to name a few. She is the founder of the longest running, first and only female-founded improv school in New York City, Improvolution.

What sets her apart from other speakers in her field is her vast experience working in the business world, such as Viacom, Disney Studios, and ABC Television, giving her the rare ability to translate improvisation’s beneficial tools and mindset for a much broader audience. For 12 years, her Corporate Improv Training company has traveled the globe transforming companies ranging from start ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Holly is a leading expert in women’s leadership development, having worked extensively with groups of women for over 20 years in the areas of confidence, authenticity, and freedom from perfectionism and self-imposed limitation. Her two popular, groundbreaking keynotes, GOOD GIRLS AREN’T FUNNY and GOOD GIRLS AREN’T CEOs, are an entertaining, fascinating women’s leadership program utilized at esteemed organizations like Ogilvy, Skadden, Princeton University, and The Grace Hopper Celebration/AnitaB.org Institute.

Holly’s degree is in both psychology and sociology (UCLA); she has studied organizational development, collective creativity and innovation, leadership development – for women especially – with Integral Philosophy, Holacracy, and Spiral Dynamics, optimizing the way systems operate, communicate and collaborate. She is a professor at Pace University in Manhattan.

Holly offers additional experiential workshops to accompany her keynotes, making for highly interactive, engaging and entertaining experiences.

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