A famous entertainer from the Czech Republic is introduced, having flown directly from sell out performances at the Acropolis and the Kremlin palace. Is he just a singer? NO. He is much more. He moves through the audience and chooses three ‘volunteers’ from your guests.

He announces their fate…They are about to be HYPNOTISED!!

On stage, the three volunteers are tested one by one. The Hypnotist must determine who’ll be the most receptive to the hypnosis. At last, the two most likely candidates are selected and placed in a deep trance…

These two arrived with your other guests. They have invitations. They’ve made friends with your other guests and swapped business cards – just the sort of charming, impeccably dressed people you’d invite to a big event like this.

What your guests don’t know is, these two volunteers are part of the act! Two professional actors – they’ve been seated among your guests throughout the evening… waiting for this moment.

What follows is an incredible display of “spontaneity” and uninhibited talent – by two of your own guests!

Under the spell of the Hypnotist, they’ll become a ballroom dancer and a Rock Star, an Operatic tenor, a Pop Group playing all your favorite hits from Tom Jones to Elvis, Bee Gees to Abba, and at last, they’ll become The Three Tenors.

The show comes to a dramatic climax as the audience realize they have just been had – by ‘HypnoTWIST’.

HypnoTWIST is designed to perfectly suit corporate events, awards nights, weddings and private parties.