Ice-T‘s lecture career started over 15 years ago when his record company sent him out to speak to children at middle schools, Jr. High and High schools. His lectures were always age appropriate. To the middle school children, he spoke about the dangers of drugs; to the Jr. High kids, he spoke about staying out of gangs; and to the High schoolers, he spoke about safe sex.

From there, Ice-T graduated to lecturing to thousands of students at over a hundred universities and colleges nationwide including Stanford, Harvard, Northwestern and Princeton. Ice-T has also lectured at numerous library openings, children’s charities, children & women’s advocacy groups, teacher’s associations, technology conventions, as well as corporate events for the likes of Microsoft and Mattel.

Some of his recent lecture subjects were Overcoming Adversity, Empowerment, and his life, philosophy and experiences. Ice has also spoken about being an orphan, the importance of education and the entertainment business. Ice-T‘s lectures are always honest, profound and entertaining and his appeal transcends gender, race and age.

Recently, Ice was honored to be invited to speak at Kansas State University for Martin Luther King Day. Kansas Sate was the last school Martin Luther King had lectured at before he was assassinated and the invitation was extend to Ice by Martin Luther King’s fraternity. The next lecture on Ice-T‘s agenda will be given in Indianapolis, Indiana with an audience of 10 – 18 year old kids. This coincides with Ice‘s performance of Langston Hughes’ Poetry with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Immediately following these speaking engagements, Ice will begin filming his 9th season of NBC’s highest rated show, Law & Order: SVU.