Isaac Yeffet

Mr. Isaac Yeffet has spent most of his years in the Israeli Secret Services in the field of anti terrorism. This includes investigation of terrorist activities, penetrating the operations of these terrorists, culminating in dozen of arrests and terminations.

Isaac Yeffet was Deputy Director of Security of Operations for the Israeli foreign ministry, during which time he established the security standards for all of the Israeli Embassies, Consulates, etc. throughout the world to prevent terrorist incursions. This also included training security people assigned to these locations.

As the Director of El Al Airline’s security, Yeffet was responsible for formulating its total security program which included, but was not limited to, the development of a passenger profiling program, passenger screening inspection, development of envelopes of security for all of the physical plants and terminals used by El Al.

Mr. Isaac Yeffet was further involved in the direct training and instruction of all security personnel working in El Al’s security department. He developed and exercised an ongoing system of checks and balances to evaluate the work performance of not only the individuals concerned, but also the program’s infrastructure. His duties required him to establish coordinated programs between his department and all local law enforcement agencies involved with the airline industry.

Yeffet has been involved extensively with the airline security problems of international terrorism, theft, and fraudulent activities. His opinions have been widely published and distributed throughout the American and European media. Isaac Yeffet now runs a security consulting business in New Jersey.

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