Jack Mackey

About Jack Mackey
As Chief Evangelist at Service Management Group (SMG) for 14 years, Jack turbo-charged SMG to become one of the world’s premier customer experience insight firms. Today he serves with Mark Sanborn, Simon Bailey and Colleen Stanley on the management training faculty at Crestcom International, developing leaders globally.

Jack’s top-rated keynote speech, “What Customers Love: what every leader must know and do well,” teaches managers what it takes to win loyalty and grow a service business. His program “Scale Up Your Leadership: how to galvanize your people,” helps corporations and associations increase discretionary effort, teamwork and retention.

Participants in Jack’s leadership workshop, “Chart Your Course to Loyalty Leadership,” grasp what it takes to build the customer-preferred local brand: how to measure, analyze and act on customer feedback, nurture a contagious culture of service and develop an effective customer experience strategy that is profitable and sustainable.

Jack’s helped companies drive organic growth in every kind of service-based business. His keynote speeches and workshops brim with actionable customer insights, entertaining real-life examples and laugh-out-loud humor. Jack is best-known for infecting leaders with a spirit of creative discontent and stimulating record results for clients.

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