Jana Stanfield

You’ve heard Jana Stanfield‘s music on 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah, and radio stations nationwide. Her compositions are sung by Reba McEntire, and she has shared stages with celebrities ranging from Deepak Chopra to Kenny Loggins. Jana Stanfield has released five CDs, including I’m Not Lost, I’m Exploring.

As a motivational performer, Jana Stanfield combines music with a message that entertains, inspires and encourages. Her mission is to give organizations a “faith lift,” delivering music, humor and a message that makes people feel better about who they are, what they do and why they’re doing it. Her keynote concerts empower and encourage. Reflecting her background as a television news reporter, songwriter, humorist and entertainer, Jana‘s keynote concerts are multi dimensional. She combines laughter, wisdom, and her million selling songs into a powerfully positive experience for audience members.

Jana Stanfield also teaches half day life skills workshops and often delivers the motivational close at conferences and conventions, sending attendees out with a message that is empowering and uplifting. Each program and title is customized to fit the theme of the meeting and the needs of the group.

Clients from Tupperware to Lucent Technologies report great results from Jana‘s programs.