Jasmine Mans

An author, performer, poet, teacher…yes to all of those titles, but more importantly Jasmine Mans is an artist…an artist who enjoys having various forums to express her thoughts, moods, opinions and a voice to speak out on behalf of others and the community around her. A recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison (2014), Jasmine received her BA in African-American Studies (Black Theory & Literature) and is the recipient of the Star Ledger – NJPAC; Arts Millennia; and (New York) Knicks Poetry Slam Scholarships and awards. However, Mans began stringing rhymes together as a middle-school student in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey. Those artistic skills were honed while attending the first performing arts high school in the nation, Newark Arts High School.

“[H]onest poetry that will leave you raw, but healing.”
A chronicle of her journey and vision, Mans released her first book, Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels in May 2012. Transcending boundaries, Chalk Outlines includes works addressing issues varying from broken relationships, fear, racism, sexuality, death and the overall human experience. Receiving local and international success, Chalk Outlines, has often been described using one word…breathtaking.

“A voice that is both transcending and compelling.”
Jasmine has never been described as the quiet type. Her poetry has teeth. Her stories are told to evoke the emotional wellbeing of those who are apprehensive about culture, politics and social stigmas. When Mans performs, every stanza is delivered with passion and honesty. In 2012, Jasmine was chosen by Glamour Magazine, as one of their Top 10 Most Influential Woman in College. She has also successfully competed in HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Brave New Voice and Knicks Poetry Slam competitions. Whether critiquing Nikki Minaj as a role model or celebrating the presence of a black couple in the White House, she is not afraid to stand and deliver representing her beliefs. Jasmine uses spoken word to single-handedly bring change to the world with positive agitation; hoping to prompt dialogue where there is normally fear. Her goal is to encourage bravery and activism in the youth of tomorrow.

“Her poetry will send chills down your spine.” – Christen Bandit, Glamour Magazine

Jasmine has opened for artists such as Goapele, Mos Def, and Janelle Monae. Her work has appeared alongside other artists such as NoMalice of Clipse and Pharrell. Her artistry has brought her to theatres and stages including the Kennedy Center, Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theater, the Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion and the Sundance Film Festival, amongst others. In 2013, Jasmine released her first multi-media project, Black Boy Gold, which is critically acclaimed for its highlight of real and overlooked issues facing black men. She is looking forward to her up and coming Pens and Needles Tour in London, England. So it should come as no surprise that Jasmine Mans has been deemed “The Lauryn Hill of her generation.”

“Learning service through poetry.”
Jasmine began mentoring younger poets and teaching creative writing in the University of Wisconsin’s First Wave program. Realizing the difficulty that may arise for young artists in being able to formulate their thoughts and ideas into words, Jasmine has really enjoyed developing curriculums which engage all ages to the creative writing and performing process through poetry and raps/lyrical music.