Jean Palmer Heck

What if…

* Your company stood to lose one of its biggest sources of income because a customer had already decided your product wasn’t needed?
* You opened up your morning newspaper and read a story about your company that was negative and filled with juicy quotes from an opposing attorney?
* You had to lay off employees and were still suffering from survivor’s guilt?

These are all communication issues – all real situations – and all ending with positive outcomes because of Jean Palmer Heck.

Heck, an international communications advisor, designed a presentation that had a multi-million dollar impact on a major corporation, developed the 3-D System to neutralize negative media coverage, and has systematically analyzed the good, the bad and the ugly of delivering tough talks in tough times.

Jean Palmer Heck has spent 30 years working with worldwide newsmakers and senior executives from 32 countries.
An executive coach and consultant for numerous corporations, including Eli Lilly, Verizon, Praxair, GTE, & Arthur Andersen, Heck has spoken to hundreds of audiences and trains all levels of employees.

Prior to starting Real-Impact Inc., Jean Palmer Heck had been a radio/TV news anchor and talk show host as well as a corporate spokesperson on controversial issues. She is an avid videographer and travels around the world to gather award-
winning footage for her speeches.

Heck is author of:

Secrets for the Reluctant Speaker
Sound Bites for Top Dogs
Chicken Soup for the Soul (contributor to 2 books)
The Presentation Tool Box

Heck‘s most recent book, Tough Talks in Tough Times:
What Bosses Need to Know to Deliver Bad News, Motivate Employees & Stay Sane was released in 2009.