Jeff Koenig

Jeff Koenig is a business mentor who is not satisfied with 80/20 results. As technology advances and concerned about the commoditization of people, he believes that mutually beneficial relationships still drive the technical mastery of business. Jeff has been in many shoes, from ‘dilbert’ Fortune 500 offices to the pressures of local brick-and-mortar. He has guided people through small business start-ups/acquisitions, operations and exits, reformed boards and associations and challenged entire industries to remember that individual people are, by far, the chief input in anything we wish to accomplish. In addition to his consultancy, Open 4 Business, and his equity in other business ventures, Jeff is currently serving as 2nd VP of the National Bicycle Dealers’ Association, Treasurer of the Kansas State advocacy organization KanBikeWalk, and is the leading partner in a retail bicycle store recently named 6th best in the nation only five years after doors-open. His values are driving efforts to focus on main-street small retailers as the best economic model for specialty product & service suppliers to thrive. Nonetheless, Jeff approaches every project as a learning experience, and believes excellent consulting is that which transfers best practices to others and invites them to take the helm.

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