Jim Morris

Political impressionist Jim Morris has all “authority figures” headed for the hills. The rubber-faced Jim Morris has become famous as a living political cartoon. Jim Morris captures all of the attitude, optimism, and befuddles essence of our nation’s leaders.

Jim Morris, who has always been interested in politics, humor and impersonating authority figures discovered his talent while in high school, where he debuted over the school’s public address system issuing an unauthorized “early dismissal” as the principal. (All students were dismissed earlier than Jim was, on that particular day.)

Jim Morris goes far beyond mimicry, and well into the realm of the absurd! His ability to fully submerge himself within each character effectively suspends the disbelief of the audience. His pointed satire then emerges from this frame of surrealism. His critically acclaimed, one-man press conferences showcase his eerily precise impressions of President George W. Bush, and former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Reagan, as well as journalists Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, and many others, ranging from newsmakers to film and television stars, past and present.

Jim Morris has starred in comedy specials airing on ABC, CBS, Cinemax and HBO. He has also appeared on Comic Relief and the Tonight Show, and has provided voices for TV Funhouse, the long-running animated feature on Saturday Night Live. In addition to occasional sparring sessions on round-table broadcasts such as CNN’s Crossfire, Capital Gang and Larry King Live, he has triumphed in several face-to-face encounters with the subjects of his humor! Scenes of battle have included historic Ford’s Theater (“A Gala Salute to the President”), the traditional White House, Washington Correspondents Dinners, and even inside the Oval Office!