Jim Sundberg

Jim Sundberg spent 16 years of his life as a Major League Baseball player, playing on teams including the Texas Rangers, the Kansas City Royals, the Chicago Cubs, and the Milwaukee Brewers. Jim Sundberg is a 6-time American League Gold Glove catcher, a 3-time American League All-Star, and the 1985 World Series Championship catcher with the Kansas City Royals.

After playing the game he loves, Jim Sundberg worked announcing the game as a broadcaster for six years–one of Texas’ most popular on-air sports personalities. During this time, he spent 6 years as a color analyst for Texas Rangers Television and was voted “Best Broadcast Team” member by the Dallas Observer (1995).

In 1994, Jim Sundberg began his own business, creating youth sports training material which is sold nationwide. Among this material is the Practice PlannerJ fundamentals learning system, sold in hundreds of retail outlets. He has also been a motivational speaker for the past 20 years, and has spent much of his time helping out his community. He is the namesake and first recipient of the Texas Rangers’ annual “Jim Sundberg Community Service Award” for outstanding volunteer involvement in the north Texas area. In 1994, he was voted “Arlington Man of the Year” by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Arlington, TX in recognition of his outstanding community volunteerism.

Sundberg‘s refreshing personality and warm speaking style enable him to convey valuable insights in ways people can easily understand. Using his wit and humor to blend business principles with baseball analogies, Jim Sundberg proves to be a top performerBeven off the field!

Why have so many well-known companies chosen Jim Sundberg to address their groups? The answer is simple: successful transition. Not only has Sundberg experienced victory at the world-class level, but he’s also a successful businessman who still knows how to get the job done.