Jimmy Cabrera

Jimmy Cabrera is a dynamic and energetic speaker, riveting his audience’s attention through the very last sentence. Every presentation he gives is Jimmy Cabrera‘s unique blend of motivation and education. His listeners receive practical techniques that can be used immediately. Jimmy Cabrera has earned the National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Profession “CSP” designation. At present there are approximately 4,000 members within this association, and less than 8% have earned this prestigious certification.

Jimmy Cabrera has been a professional speaker and consultant for over 19 years, speaking in both the Corporate and Educational Communities. Jimmy Cabrera has the ability to speak to both the adult and youth groups. As a leader, his philosophy is, “Don’t count what you have, but what you have given – that total equals your success.” He sees and seeks to fulfill the need for communication, education, and a positive influence in the lives of all individuals.

Jimmy Cabrera learned some tough lessons early in his life. As a Hispanic he was reared in a predominately segregated community. Except for his parents, he always had the feeling that no one cared. The system certainly didn’t challenge Jimmy Cabrera to be expressive and think about setting goals. He experienced, instead, bitter rejection and prejudice from a society that labeled him “different.” Eventually he realized that though you cannot forget the past and the pain, you can forgive, learn, stand firm, and move on. Overcoming the damaged emotions and rejecting rejection, Jimmy Cabrera learned how to turn the negatives he experienced into POSITIVE learning experiences.

Today, if you were to ask Jimmy Cabrera, “Is there life after high school?” you know he would answer, “Not only is there life after high school, there is life after each adversity and challenge that we may experience. Always remember “It is always too soon to quit!”