Joel McHale

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, and blessed with Irish and Nordic ancestral roots, Joel McHale is one of the whitest and fairest stars around. Armed with sunscreen, his Mariners jersey and plenty of Wellbutrin, Joel McHale became a cast member on Comedy Central’s “Almost Live!”

Following in the footsteps of Patrick Duffy, Joel McHale managed to complete the Actor’s Training Masters Program at The University of Washington where he honed his acting craft, played video games incessantly and discovered his passion: single malt scotch.

Finally seeing his day in the sun, Joel McHale took off for Southern California to pursue a future in acting and fell in love‚Ķwith Korean BBQ. Well satiated with marinated beef, he quickly landed roles on “Will & Grace” and “CSI: Miami.”

Now Joel McHale is the star/writer/producer of a popular program on the “E” network, which satirizes pop culture and current events and attracts over 4 million viewers each week.

Obsessed Joel McHale fans or bored people may also recognize him from “Spider-Man 2”, “Pushing Daisies,” and “Lords of Dogtown.” He is also a weekly guest on Adam Corolla’s nationally syndicated radio show and entertains fans around the country with his stand up comedy.

Currently, McHale stars opposite Matt Damon in the upcoming Steven Soderberg film “The Informant.”

Joel McHale played tight end for The University of Washington’s National Championship football team and now lives with his hot wife in Southern California. He likes all animals‚Ķespecially chicken.