Joseph F. Murphy

Joseph Murphy is the Frank W. Mayborn Chair of Education and Associate Dean at Peabody College of Education of Vanderbilt University. He has also been a faculty member at the University of Illinois and The Ohio State University, where he was the William Ray Flesher Professor of Education.

In the public schools, he has served as an administrator at the school, district, and state levels. His most recent appointment was as the founding President of the Ohio Principals Leadership Academy. At the university level, he has served as Department Chair and Associate Dean.

He is a past Vice President of AERA and an AERA Fellow. He was the founding Chair (199-2004) of the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC).

His work is in the area of school improvement, with special emphasis on leadership and policy. He has authored or co-authored 110 refereed journal articles; 63 academic book chapters; and 67 articles for the practitioner, development, and policy communities.

Murphy is the co-editor of the AERA Handbook of Research on Education Administration (1999), editor of the National Society for the Study of Education (NSSE) yearbook The Educational Leadership Challenge (2002), and co-editor of the UCEA Handbook of Research on the Education of School Leaders (2009).

He has also published 21 books on school improvement and leadership and edited another 12 books. His most recent authored volumes include: Understanding and Assessing the Charter School Movement (2002), Leadership for Literacy (2004), Connecting Teacher Leadership and School Improvement (2005), Preparing School Leaders: An Agenda for Research and Action (2006), Turning Around Failing Schools: Leadership Lessons from the Organizational Sciences (2008), The Educator’s Handbook for Understanding and Closing Achievement Gaps (2010), Homelessness Comes to School (2011), Essential Lessons for Leaders (2011), and Staying Home: Homeschooling in America (2012).