Keri Glassman

Nationally recognized nutrition expert and published author Keri Glassman is the founder and president of Keri Glassman, Nutritious Life, a nutrition practice based in New York City. For years Keri Glassman has been a leader in advancing a “whole person” approach to health and wellness. She has dedicated her career to creating services and promoting education through her “Nutritious Life” brand.

“Nutritious Life” recognizes the importance of a whole person approach to health. The “Nutritious Life Cycle” includes getting adequate sleep, managing stress, exercising and having joy in one’s life, in addition to pampering and good nutrition. Women’s Health Magazine embraces Keri‘s practical and accessible approach to health and wellness. She is a member of their advisory board and writes a popular monthly column called “Take a Load Off” and a page called “Flat Belly Day”. WebMD also recognizes the significance of “Nutritious Life” and Keri‘s contribution as the first registered dietitian to develop a line of food-based skin care products, Skin Appetit. Keri Glassman is a health, wellness, and beauty expert for the WebMD magazine and also appears in related videos online. Keri Glassman was also the first registered dietitian to create a real food based snack bar, KeriBar.

Keri Glassman has authored two books, the most recent is the best-selling O2 Diet: The Cutting Edge, Antioxidant-Based Program That Will Make You Healthy, Thin and Beautiful. This book translates complex scientific research on antioxidants and the ORAC scale into useful and useable tools that everyone can benefit from. It empowers people to live a more Nutritious Life by combining a nutrient-dense, high antioxidant diet with the other components of a Nutritious Life. The O2 Diet follows the Snack Factor Diet, (Crown, 2007.) Keri also contributed to Editor-In-Chief of Women’s Health Magazine Michele Promaulayko’s book Look Better Naked.

The success and growth of her “Nutritious Life” brand has not lessened Keri‘s commitment to nutrition counseling and her New York practice. She personally counsels clients with a broad range of challenges from eating disorders to weight loss to improving energy to lowering cholesterol. She also helps millions more as a nutrition and health contributor for NBC’s LX New York. Keri Glassman is dedicated to her field and to the broader goal of educating the public and her expertise has been featured on several television programs including The View, Dr. Oz, The Doctor’s, The Wendy Williams Show, NBC The Today Show, CBS The Early Show, ABC Good Morning America, MSNBC and The Fox News Channel. She is a spokesperson for national brands that align with the Nutritious Life mission, and is a prolific writer and commentator with contributions to numerous publications nationwide. Keri Glassman has a blog titled Too Good to Be Food, on AOL Health/That’s Fit, and writes a monthly newsletter for

Keri Glassman still finds time to go beyond her own business and into her community. She supports several health and wellness organizations including The American Dietetic Association, The Women’s Sports Foundation, and The New York Runners Club. Keri holds a Masters of Science degree in clinical nutrition from New York University. She was an All-American lacrosse player at Tufts University and has completed the New York City Marathon and triathlons. Keri resides in New York City with her husband Brett and their children, Rex and Maizy.