Lori Borgman

Lori Borgman’s popular essay, “The Death of Common Sense” is widely circulated throughout cyberspace, read on radio and cable news shows and is sent to her at least six times a year in an e-mail forward attributed to Anonymous. Lori Borgman says she has been called many things as a writer, but to be called Anonymous hurts the most of all.

Lori Borgman’s weekly family life newspaper column is distributed to more than 325 papers throughout the United States and Canada, appearing in papers from the Chicago Tribune to the Miami Herald and Sacramento Bee. Her column touches on subjects ranging from sibling rivalry to the hazard of upper arm flab.

Lori’s commentary offers humorous observations as well as thoughtful insights on marriage, parenting, family and culture.

Lori Borgman has been a presenter at the Erma Bombeck Conference on Popular American Humor, addressed a Spouses of Congress event and spoken at hundreds of fundraisers, Town Hall Lecture Series and Women’s Clubs across the country.

Lori Borgman is the author of four books including, “I Was A Better Mother Before I Had Kids,” “Pass the Faith, Please” and “All Stressed Up and No Place To Go” and her first work of fiction “Catching Christmas.”