Marie Pasinski

Marie Pasinski, M.D. is a Harvard neurologist, brain health expert and author. A graduate of Harvard Medical School and staff neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Pasinski will show you why a healthy brain is the true source of youth, radiance, and longevity. By optimizing your brain’s remarkable ability to redesign itself through her seven step program, Dr. Marie Pasinski believes that a healthier, more vibrant brain can be achieved at any age.

Dr. Marie Pasinski is a powerful speaker and has presented her fascinating work to many who have been motivated to integrate her life changing steps. She has appeared on the Today Show as well as multiple other media outlets, writes a health column for the Huffington Post and encourages everyone to realize their brain’s full potential. “Your brain is your very essence. You can only achieve your personal best, when your brain is at its personal best.”

As a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Pasinski cares for many patients with dementia. These patients are typically brought in by their children who are absolutely petrified that they too will develop memory loss. Over the years, Dr. Pasinski has taken these family members aside to let them know that there are steps they can take to keep their brain healthy and reduce their risk of dementia. Seeing how empowering this knowledge can be, inspired her to write Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You and Boost Your Brain Power.

Dr Pasinski lives in Massachusetts with her husband Roger Pasinski, M.D. They have raised 2 sons and enjoy the brain healthy lifestyle that she promotes.

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