Mark Eddie

Mark Eddie is an international comedian with a musician’s point-of-view on everything from pop culture to parenting. With his guitar, signature voice and happy-go-lucky spirit, Mark points out quirky things in the music we love while delivering dead-on musical impressions of Al Green, Neil Diamond, Shaggy, Dave Matthews and more. Having toured professionally for 15 years as a musician/singer/songwriter, he has a knack for putting a satirical spin on pop anthems, music headlines and rock legends. With guitar in hand and tongue firmly in cheek, Mark manifests popular music into a hilarious and witty tribute to the classic rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Country and Pop stars of our time by way of guitar riffs, vocals and rapid fire rock references. As if performing 250+ shows a year at theaters and major corporate events for names like Verizon®, Medtronic MiniMed® Bayer®, Disney® and Vans® isn’t enough, Mark Eddie has also spoken and sung some of the most recognizable spots for Nickelodeon®, Showtime®, Nintendo® & Sears® among others.