Marsha Egan

Getting tasks done is easy, it’s the people stuff that can drive you crazy!

Celebrated speaker, facilitator, author, internationally recognized email/workplace productivity expert, and executive coach Marsha Egan will inspire you to master the “people side” of growing your organization. Her common sense approach to “making people work” will energize the positive action you need to take your business or association to the next level, with a hard hitting yet enjoyable message.

A sought after International Coach Federation certified coach, Marsha’s television appearances include ABC Nightly News, Fox and Friends, Canada AM and French TV, not to mention countless media mentions and articles placed in publications such as Success, Forum, Leadership Excellence, the New York Post, WSJ, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune… Honored as one of Pennsylvania’s 50 Best Women in Business, Marsha Egan is the recipient of the prestigious ATHENA Foundation Award for exemplary leadership and only the second women in the 55-year history of the 30,000-member national Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters’ Society to serve as President.

As you can see, Marsha Egan brings over 25 years of outstanding leadership experience in both corporate and volunteer America to you. Her breadth of experience enables her to tailor your program the exact message you want to deliver, and will focus on the results you want to achieve.

Marsha inspires clients and audiences throughout the world to want to change so they can achieve what they want–whether it’s career, financial, physical or personal fulfillment. Her focus on mastering the people side of client success is reflected by consistently highly rated programs, repeat clients and amazing client results. Articulate, fun and friendly, Egan delights her audiences while inspiring them to change the way they navigate the “people landscape” for the better.