Mary Fisher

Artist Mary Fisher is a recognized global leader in the arena of social change, using her art itself as well as writings, speeches, and strategic advocacy.  Her early experience with communication in broadcast media, and her experience with high-profile organizations – she was the White House’s first female “advance man” in the history of the American presidency – brought knowledge she still uses to urge transformation in healthcare, to revise the perception and treatment of AIDS, to enable women’s empowerment through right livelihood and to inspire individuals longing for meaningful, joyful lives.

A true renaissance woman, Mary is still remembered for her stunning keynote address speaking truth to power at the 1992 Republican National Convention –- a speech since ranked in Oxford University Press as one of “The Best 100 American Speeches of the 20th Century.” Diagnosed with HIV in 1991 and with breast cancer in 2012, she shares her experience, strength and hope with boundless energy.  As an artist famous for work in sculpture, handmade papers, jewelry and fiber arts, she has trained women worldwide to gain financial independence using her original techniques and materials.  Major initiatives in the U.S., Africa and elsewhere have been built on her creative and organizational groundwork.  The recipient of five honorary doctorates and hundreds of tributes, Mary is an outspoken advocate for vulnerable people around the world.  She’s addressed countless audiences across Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa and the U.S., authored six books including her best-selling memoir, MESSENGER, and recently partnered with Macys for one notable expression of her art and philosophy, The 100 Good Deeds Bracelet.

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