Matt Oechsli

Matt Oechsli‘s value as a consultant and coach is his more than 25 years of experience. All of Matt Oechsli’s topics are research based, street tested, and action oriented- they include “gems” that can be used today. Beside studying the affluent, his research has ranged from uncovering the 15 criteria that separate high performance wealth management teams from the rest, to discovering the criteria that differentiate preferred wholesalers from the rest, to identifying the high impact affluent sales and marketing activities that work in today’s world.

Oechsli has authored nine books, a number of industry best sellers. One of his recent books, The Art of Selling to the Affluent, published by John Wiley and Sons, has been adopted by Sotheby’s as part of the core curriculum for their graduate training program. His latest book, Becoming a Rainmaker, based on their research on affluent client acquisition, is quickly becoming an industry best seller. Matt’s works have received rave reviews and have landed him as guise on Bloomberg television, ABC’s World News Now, as well as countless other interviews and reviews around the country.

Oechsli has presented to groups from Sydney to Wall Street, bringing his dynamic and practical message to executives, managers, sales people and teams. With an MBA in Marketing from Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA a BS from the University of Arizona, certification in clinical hypnotherapy and working as a counselor for emotionally disturbed youth in New York City, Oechsli‘s background is unique to say the least. For the past 25 years, Matt has served as the president of the Oechsli Institute in Greensboro, North Carolina. Matt lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with his wife and 3 children.