Maureen Healy

Maureen Healy is an award-winning author, keynote speaker and leader in the field of children’s emotional health. Her popular blog on Psychology Today has reached millions of parents, and educators wanting to learn the how of children’s happiness. Growing Happy Kids by Maureen won the Nautilus Book Award and Reader’s Favorite in 2014.

Unique about Maureen is her experience working directly with kids globally and her eastern studies. In 2007, Maureen was invited to work with Tibetan refugee children in India as well as study with His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama. In 2017, she’s going to Bhutan as a co-founding member of the “World Happiness Summit” to connect with their children. In between, she’s been running her global mentoring program for highly sensitive children.

Complimenting her best-selling books, Maureen’s expertise has been featured across all media outlets (TV, Radio, and Online). Some of her past press included Scholastic, Parents Magazine, PBS, Disney’s “The Fatherhood Project” with Hank Azaria, and TV such as CW’s San Diego Living. She’s also frequently contacted by media to share her expertise on children’s emotional health.

With more than 15+ years of real-life experience, Maureen has a BA in Psychology and MBA from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. She has also completed her doctoral coursework in Child Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, where she is now based. In addition to traditional educational credentials Maureen has traveled the world studying the seeds of happiness and how to plant them in today’s children.