Meaghan Corson

Meaghan is truly passionate about storytelling, so it’s no surprise she started her career off as a CBS news reporter. You name it, she’s covered it from the county fair and government to shootings and train explosions. Her super power is helping people feel comfortable on camera and share their message.

She took these skills and built video programs for various industries including software, medical, and startups. Now Meaghan works with executives and professionals to map out their video strategy and to be great on camera so they can connect with the masses. Audiences describe her interactive presentations as “eye opening and inspiring” and say she has “a powerful inner light.”

Meaghan grew up on Cape Cod, and now lives near Boston. She and her husband, Tim, enjoy traveling the world especially when it takes them near the ocean. Meaghan truly loves trying unique and sometimes wild things – from zip-lining in glowworm caves in New Zealand or even eating octopus in Greece.

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