Meg Ormiston

Meg Ormiston is passionate about transforming teaching and learning through the power of digital tools. She is constantly researching, speaking, and writing about best practices in education. Meg Ormiston travels nationally and internationally, empowering educators through her dynamic presentations focused on affecting positive change. She synthesizes current research and practical methods to help educators improve teaching and learning in their classrooms.

While an expert in educational technology, her extensive experiences in schools, from over a decade in the classroom to school board president, enable Meg to connect with teachers and administrators at all grade levels and on topics across the curriculum. Meg Ormiston holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Meg‘s most recent book Creating a Digital Rich Classroom: Teaching and Learning in a Web 2.0 World was just awarded the prestigious Book of the Year award for 2010. She is an author of five books, former school board member, adjunct professor, consultant, keynote speaker, successful grant development specialist, and contributor to a number of personal learning networks.

Meg Ormiston is high-energy and truly motivational, but also very practical. Her current research is focused on how curriculum aligned to the common core state standards can be delivered through the use of visual images, simulations and multimedia, coupled with real-time assessment to check for comprehension. Additionally, Meg is developing online professional development to engage staff anytime and anywhere.

After her presentations in Northern Ireland, this is what Chris Scott, Principal, had to say: “Meg is warm, funny and energetic; you will be tired just watching her! Above all, her workshops are immensely practical. She makes you feel she knows your classroom without even having set foot in it.”

Meg Ormiston recognizes the importance of helping educators set high expectations and deliver curriculum aligned to standards. Her upbeat presenting style, her classroom background, and the practical examples she applies make her highly credible and effective with teachers. Her wide range of experiences and the depth of her knowledge about emerging technologies enrich her writing and her presentations.