Michael Keane

Michael Keane is an author, a member of the Pacific Council on International Policy and a former professor at the University of Southern California. He has worked as a consultant for major corporations and government entities, including Citibank and the World Bank. In 1995, Michael Keane was selected to be a David L. Boren Fellow of the U.S. Department of Defense’s National Security Education Program.

In 1989 Michael Keane was one of the first Americans to enter Vietnam following the end of the conflict there and he accompanied Vietnamese troops into Cambodia where they were fighting the Khmer Rouge. In December 2003, Keane was embedded in Iraq with the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division, which was commanded by Gen. David Petraeus. In January of 2010 he was embedded at the HQ of Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Michael Keane’s commentaries on military strategy have been featured on CNN, National Public Radio, and in the Los Angeles Times. In 2003 following the United States invasion of Iraq, his commentaries correctly predicted that what was then perceived as a swift victory would quickly devolve into a difficult guerrilla conflict.

Michael Keane is a popular speaker for conventions and corporate groups where he discusses inspirational examples of battlefield leadership. Keane is the author of PATTON: Blood, Guts, & Prayer; The Night Santa Got Lost: How NORAD Saved Christmas (Regnery Kids); and the Dictionary of Modern Strategy and Tactics.

Michael Keane holds a JD from the University of Texas School of Law, an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago and a BA in Economics from the University of Southern California. He lives in Los Angeles, California.