Michael Tchong

Michael Tchong is on an indefatigable quest to decode the future. This perpetual passion to be at the forefront of emerging trends led Michael to establish four startups, including MacWEEK, which mainstreamed desktop publishing, and ICONOCAST, which rode the digital marketing wave early. Other startups developed CRM software and tracked the internet economy.

Always pushing the innovation envelope, Michael is a leading advocate of easy-to-use digital tools and superior customer experiences. The rapid growth of technology and innovation have made him a sought-after catalyst for the advancement of both ecosystems. His people-watching skills earned Michael recognition from the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, which called him “America’s most influential trend-spotter.”

Michael is an adjunct professor the University of San Francisco, where he teaches how to correctly interpret the dynamics of “ubertrends” and the innovation opportunities they present. His third book, “Ubertrends – How Trends and Innovation Are Transforming Our Future,” was published in 2019. He is currently writing LOCKDOWN – True Story: How the novel coronavirus escaped Wuhan, China and terrorized the world.

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