Mimi Donaldson

Since 1984, at over 900 events for dozens of industries, Mimi Donaldson has spoken in over 100 cities across North America and to audiences throughout Europe. Mimi Donaldson has spoken at company events for 32 of the Fortune 500, 18 of which are listed in the Fortune 100. She holds a Master’s degree in education from Columbia University and was a staff human resources specialist with Walt Disney Company, Northrop Aircraft and Rockwell International.

Mimi Donaldson has been a featured program quest on radio stations including KABC in Los Angeles her television appearances include Good Day New York. She’s been the subject of over 200 articles in newspapers and magazines, having been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Denver Post, Ladies Home Journal and Harvard Management Review. Mimi Donaldson has shared the stage with celebrities such as Colin Powell, Elizabeth Dole, Maya Angelou and Katie Couric.

When Mimi Donaldson speaks, people listen. And they laugh…even if they weren’t expecting to. And they learn…a lot! But mostly, they never forget the entirely “new perspective” Mimi Donaldson gives them. She has a flair for having her audiences feel that they have just unlocked the secrets to a truly “authentic” and rewarding communication method. Again and again, “audiences light up” when hearing Mimi Donaldson speak and provide eye-opening techniques for “skillful communications”. The results: they’re much more productive in both their professional and personal relationships.

For over 20 years, Mimi Donaldson has captivated audiences from the Fortune 100 to the just plain fortunate. She’s won “acclaim” for her rousing keynote speeches, for her compelling workshops and for her in-house training programs.

In today’s marketplace, your audience demands more than a talking head…they want the real deal. “Mimi Donaldson delivers the goods” every time, never letting an audience down. She is co-author of Negotiating for Dummies published by John Wiley & Sons.