Mindee Doney

Mindee Doney: Inventor, Boogie Wipes ® – Owner, Juicebox Idea Consulting A Savvy, Sassy Idea Gal in Business and Motherhood from Portland, OR

Using her creative juices, Mommy instincts and 10 years of corporate Marketing experience, Mindee created a saline nose wipe called Boogie Wipes® in 2007. The concept took off fast and with the help of her business partner, Julie Pickens, their company Little Busy Bodies Inc. generated just under $20 Million in sales in the first 3 years. From patents, to PR, investors and retailers to hiring employees and strategizing an exit, Mindee has lived the dream millions of entrepreneurs carry with them every day. She managed packaging, marketing, retail promotions, PR, advertising and social media for the company and it was acquired by Nehemiah Manufacturing, the makers of Pampers Kandoo Wipes, in May of 2012. Mindee has since gone back to her love of inventing and inspiring others through her company Juicebox Idea Consulting. In less than a year she has already helped 50+ companies evaluate and maximize their business ideas in the marketplace. Mindee is also the author of the popular blog “Get your Own Juice Box” which encourages Moms to empower themselves and their kids in business and life. She is an eternal optimist, typically quite spunky and usually looking for a microphone and some mom drama to post on Facebook. Her book will be out in 2014 detailing all she learned AND wish she had known when she set out to be a Mompreneur. She’s most proud of her three charming, silly kiddos ages 4, 7, and 10 who never cease to amaze her with their energy, demands and life lessons.