Neal Petersen

Neal Petersen has completed two amazing journeys in his life: a single-handed yacht race around the world, 27,000 miles, 9 months at sea, alone and in a yacht he designed and built himself, and an even more arduous and eventful trip of overcoming racial prejudice during the Apartheid era in South Africa, poverty, and a childhood physical disability, just to make it to the start line.

An award winning author, subject of a PBS documentary and global investor, Neal Petersen shares real life examples of how he overcame tremendous barriers by always turning them into advantages-then into opportunities. In his captivating and empowering “No Barriers – Only Solutions” keynote, Neal demonstrates how success is realized through innovation, balancing risk against return, and being flexible enough to adapt to constant shifting winds. Neal Petersen has challenged thousands to prevail against their own formidable barriers and setbacks and to turn them into treasures. Neal has wowed international audiences with his story and how he relates it to their challenges, which typically ends with standing ovations.

Neal is an in-demand adjunct professor teaching leadership and macroeconomics at College of Charleston’s International MBA Business Program.

In these challenging times of uncertainly, fear and insecurity rise, many feel like solo sailors, adrift, grasping for survival. Neal lays out the importance of a clearly communicated vision and direction, followed by detailed planning, preparation, passion and execution using his personal story.

Faced with huge challenges and rapid changes in today’s world, it’s easy to get bogged down in the negativity and unknowns. Striving for goals and success helps us to remain positive and to remember what’s really important.

Once success is realized it is most important to turn it into significance – what is the legacy you will leave behind. 

”Neal is so unique, he is so much more than a keynote, he is the ‘best of the best’. Neal not only delivers a unique, captivating and memorable life-story, filled with valuable content, but he masterfully weaves in his audiences challenges and he does it seamlessly because he is PREPARED! He digs deeper and goes out of his way – to gain an in-depth understanding of where they are as a group, where they want to be and what it will take to get them there. Neal is truly a leader and teaches genuine leadership, by example in all aspects of what he represents. He is so much more than just a keynote speaker.” 

”Neal is one of the most inspiring, dynamic and thought provoking speakers you will ever witness, he is mesmerizing.”