Nicholas Webb

Nicholas J. Webb is a world-renowned business futurist, innovation thought leader, author and management consultant in the field of innovation and customer relationship management. He has served as the CEO of several successful technology firms including Myocure, Inc. a pioneer in refractive ophthalmic surgery.

He is the founder of Nupak Medical, LLC a medical product-manufacturing firm. He has also served as a CEO with several other technology related companies and is a successful inventor having been awarded several patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office. His technologies range from one of the world’s smallest medical implant to industrial and computer technologies.

Webb currently serves as the CEO of Lassen Innovation, providing strategic innovation and management consulting services and has attained certification as a Certified Management Consultant. His client list represents some of the best companies and research organizations in the world. He is a prolific writer, authoring Invent Stuff, “The Innovation Playbook-a revolution in business excellence” (Wiley) and “The Digital Media Innovation Playbook-creating a transformative customer experience” (Wiley).

Nicholas is a frequent speaker and workshop leader at vertical industry conferences as well as innovation, licensing and technology forums around the world. Nick combines his own personal experience of “having been there” with a proven strategy for increasing profits and market share through a combination of leading-edge innovation methods and general business best practices. He lives in Northern California with his wife of over twenty years and his four children.